Why we built airwaiver.

In the adventure tourism industry, documents - especially waiver of liability documents - get signed almost on an hourly basis by tourists visiting these adventure operators.

Very few adventure tourism operators use digital signing software to take care of this problem for several reasons, and they are:

  • The signing app does not work offline.
  • The signing app does not work on all devices.
  • The signing apps are expensive for the number of signatures required.
  • The signing apps are difficult to use.

And so they stick to using paper because if the digital singing software does not address any one of these problems, they have to fall back to using paper in any case.

So we built airwaiver to address all these issues.

  • Our app is offline first - documents will get synced when you are back online.
  • We are making it cross-platform, even our web app will allow you to sign documents offline.
  • We have a free version. As in free forever. We realised we can earn commission on relevant opt-in services, during the document signing process. We will have a paid version that will exclude these opt-in services.
  • Our app would be mobile-friendly, with no PDF nonsense and a chatbot would guide you through to only relevant parts of the document to fill out.

We know that we have chosen the most difficult market segment to service with our software, but we believe that if we could get our app working as expected for them, switching to other market segments would be a breeze. Just the sheer number of documents alone these operators sign puts us in a position where we could potentially just absorb the smaller market segments our competitors are currently servicing.